david kiledjian

Music Producer / Composer / Musician (sax, keys, bass)


Vaudou Game

"The band is led by Peter Solo a singer and composer born in Anéfo-Glidji, Togo, birthplace of the Guin tribe and home to voodoo culture. Translating tradition into modern instrumentation, Solo states that he composed Apiafo based on the two main musical scales of voodoo tradition. The idea of integrating these haunting lines, sung in honor of the divinities, to an energetic 70's afro-funk was an obvious extension in Solo's mind of the analogy he found between this vodun tradition and Blues and Funk, as well as the R&B of James Brown, Otis Redding and Wilson Picket."

Peter's been a studio mate for nearly 10 years and I played saxophones on his 4 albums.