david kiledjian

Music Producer / Composer / Musician (sax, keys, bass)


BKO Quintet

BKO Quintet's music was born from a meeting between five established artists. This gathering provides a journey into the heart of contemporary Mali. Ibrahima Sarr, powerful percussionist, masters the sounds of the djembé with ease. He has travelled the world alongside Oumou Sangare. Fassara Sacko whose voice takes you aback, differs from other griots in traditional celebrations. He plays the dunun-drum. Nfali Diakite sings and plays his donsongoni in animist ceremonies celebrated by his peers. Abdoulaye Koné, master of the djelingoni develops a unique psychedelic style. Finally Aymeric Krol, with his international experience grooves on his strange drums. His encounter with Ibrahima Sarr gave birth to the project BKO Quintet. The result is an unprecedented, hypnotising, mix of ‘tradi-modern” music.

Here are songs out of the two LPs I produced for them :

BKO Quintet mélange pour la première fois les traditions séculaires griot et chasseur du Mali en faisant cohabiter donso n'goni et djeli n'goni au sein d'une même formation musicale. Ils y ajoutent un puissant djembe fola et un drumkit hybride, reproduisant ainsi l'instrumentarium d'un funk/rock malien. Pour pousser plus loin l'analogie, les cordophones jouent dans des amplis, et à travers des effets.